Let’s Get Lost, by Adi Alsaid (Harlequin Teen, 2014) – 4 STARS

Never did I think I’d write a glowing review of a Harlequin publication, but Let’s Get Lost is a wonderful novella, extremely well written — and, yes, I have ordered a copy for our library and recommended its purchase in digital form for our Overdrive Consortium.

The novella’s 5 parts each center on a different character, but Leila, whose own story is the focus in the last section, plays a pivotal role in each of the other 4 parts. This structure lets the point of view shift comfortably from Hudson (in Vicksburg, Mississippi), to Bree (in Kansas), to Elliot (in Minnesota), to Sonia (in British Columbia and Tacoma, Washington), and finally to Leila, who travels from Texas to Alaska and back again. Leila’s ability to both empathize with others and see their situations objectively lets her help them through life crises while she deals with her own quest to understand herself and choose how she will live.

Let’s Get Lost is much more than a romance. I recommend it to readers young and old.


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