DOZENS OF STARS for Nest, by Esther Ehrlich

Nest, by Esther Ehrlich (Wendy Lamb Books, 2014), more than lives up to its editor’s promise. This is an exceptionally fine novel, not just for young people but for all readers. From the first sentence, I did not want to put it down. At the last sentence, I did not want it to end but knew it should end there and am still thinking and feeling the whole book.

Ehrlich is definitely a writer I want to follow. Nest is her first novel and, in my opinion, should take every award it may be eligible for; it is that good. The characters are wonderful, every word of dialogue rings true, the problems are universal and important, the pacing is excellent, and the voice – I cannot overstate how true it is. I am amazed that a first novel could so faithfully portray an eleven-year-old narrator and simultaneously be so well done that we understand clearly what the child does not, while everything is shown, not told. Ehrlich pulls you right into the story and keeps you there, fully sensing and feeling every bit of it.

Thank you, Wendy Lamb, for introducing us to Esther Ehrlich and Nest



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