All Muck and Mulletts by Samantha Nash (Troubador Publishing Ltd, 2014): Not My Cup of Tea

Usually I enjoy humorous stories about quirky villagers, especially when the author writes well. But not this time.

For those with the right sort of sense of humor (which mine obviously is not), the village brawls, poaching, and tantrums may be slapstick enough to provoke laughter, but for me the characters’ main common feature was stupidity – suitable perhaps for a country rube joke but not designed to create “winning” or even remotely endearing characters. Which probably explains why I had such a hard time telling the idiots (other than Mazzer) from each other – I got bored.

My three-stars feel like a gift, but only because I expect authors to at least like some of their characters. Readers who don’t care about that may like this one.


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