5 stars for “Crossing the Line: a Paris Homicide Mystery” by Frederique Molay (Le French Book, 2014)

Crossing the Line is the second in the series, “A Paris Homicide Mystery.” I liked it so much I immediately bought the first book, The 7th Woman, and am now hooked, eager for #3, The City of Blood, due out in January 2015. I’ve ordered all three books for our library and am sure our mystery readers will want more of Molay’s work.

Anne Trager does a marvelous job translating from the French, and Molay is a master of her craft. It’s no wonder that The 7th Woman won France’s “Best Crime Fiction Novel of the Year” award and is an international best seller.

Chief of Police Nico Sirsky is a wonderfully sympathetic hero who cares about the people he supervises, the victims of the crimes he investigates, his teenage son, his ex-wife, and the new woman in his life. The other characters also feel multi-faceted and interesting, and we care about their relationships and the problems they face, personally and professionally.

Molay’s suspenseful plots take us out into Paris and behind the scenes with the French police, where the details of police procedure and the coroner’s office are both similar to and very different from those we read about in the U.S. or England. The combination of complex characters, intriguing details, good plotting, and suspense make Molay’s series a sure-fire winner.


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