KWOUT: one more new thing learned this year (two more things?)

i LOVE KWOUT. That is, I do when I can get it to work.

I posted a link to a site with pictures of the most beautiful libraries on the library website at — you can check it out. It worked.

I posted a link to a Youtube video of my favorite little YouTUbe dog, Yorkie Minnie, on my husband’s and my joint Facebook page and I tweeted it, too. The tweet shows the link but no image. Facebook shows the image and my posting about it. Wish the tweet also showed the photo.

Now I’m trying to post this clip from a page of Arabian horse photos here — which I selected because (1) we still have 9 Arabian horses and (2) they are gorgeous and (3) I am eager for good weather so we can start training and riding again and (4) the strutting bay in the center of this photo looks a lot like our JohnJohn. Really. But so far, I only get text to show up. I’m going to leave it as is in this draft and try to figure out what I’m doing wrong. Then I’ll come back and comment on what I’ve found out.

<div class=”kwout” style=”text-align: center;”><a href=”″><img src=”; alt=”; title=”arabian horses pictures – Google Search” width=”324″ height=”234″ style=”border: none;” /></a><p style=”margin-top: 10px; text-align: center;”><a href=”″>arabian horses pictures – Google Search</a> via <a href=””>kwout</a></p></div&gt;

Okay, I’m trying again, this time not as a quick post but inside my WordPress “edit post” screen and in the TEXT view. Here goes:

AHA! That’s the trick. You have to be in TEXT view when you plug in all this text, if you want it to show what it links too instead of just text.

I do love NE Learns 2.0. I’ve re-learned how to experiment. So, here are some more things to gawk at:

The lovely Minnie (quote from the Facebook quote):

Gorgeous libraries (quote from the Val Library website quote):

Will I keep using KWOUT? You bet.I don’t know how attractive or interesting my “shares” will be because of that, but I’ll be sharing more because of it, personally and on the library website. It’s so much easier to use all that cut/paste/save/copy/paste.

Now, Michael, if you would just teach us how to upload the PICTURES in just as easy a way with our tweets, I would be very grateful! (Searching underway…. nope, seems you have to link from a saved pic.)


3 thoughts on “KWOUT: one more new thing learned this year (two more things?)

  1. Michael Sauers

    Yeah, if I had a nickle for each time I’ve pasted code into the non-text view then had to fix it….
    As for your Twitter question: do you mean images via Kwout, or images in general. (SHort answer, I’m not sure you can w/ Kwout images due to the way they’re added to your site.)


    1. mariafromval Post author

      Nope, you can’t upload images to Twitter from KWOUT. Since my cell phone only does phone calls, not data/web stuff, I have to go through the old fashioned hoops to upload photos to twitter, so mostly I don’t bother. Doesn’t really matter since my tweets are almost entirely political rants.


    2. mariafromval Post author

      Now if I could just remember from week to week how to use these gadgets —
      I thought I’d “lost” the KWOUT function because no logo shows up on my browser tool bar.
      Phhht — I use Firefox. Just have to click and use the drop-down menu.
      So, oldsters can learn new tricks — it’s REMEMBERING them that’s the problem.



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