Photosynth: Okay, now this is FUN

First reaction to this assignment: I have a decent digital camera (with full battery and enough card space), can walk in a more-or-less straight line, can turn around in a circle without falling over – so should be able to do this.

Yep. I did it two ways, “spin” and “walk” – and am certain to do “wall walk” and “panorama” soon, too. Would have done both already, but patrons needed service and were a little perturbed at the librarian with the camera and the strangely slow moves.

If you haven’t tried Photosynth yet, I recommend it. If you’re a librarian, I especially recommend it. We should find it pretty easy to get Teens to take the photos for us, too, so we can get them involved in posting plenty of library tours, panoramas of featured writer displays, mystery walks – come up with an idea, here’s a way to capture it for Instagram and Facebook and your website, too.

I bit the bullet and posted info about this on our website on 2/27 and also posted links to the two synths I’ve made, there and on our library’s Twitter account and Facebook page. My examples are first tries, remember, but if I can do this, anyone can.

As soon as I created mine, I realized I’d like to figure out how to reverse the direction of the spin so the photos would move in the order I took them. Directions on the Photosynth site let me change the direction of the spin, but the change didn’t become permanent even though I saved it twice (I’ll try again later). (Disappointingly, I found that out AFTER posting gleeful “success” messages to Twitter and Facebook.) I haven’t figured out how to slow down the spin and the walk, to produce less dizziness. That might require a LOT more photos.

I also added this information to the website post and posted it on Facebook:

How do I view and interact with a synth?

Synths follow a specific path. Swipe (or click and drag with your mouse) horizontally or vertically to navigate along the synth path. You can also pinch (or double click) to zoom in on a specific image to get a closer look. Once you are zoomed in, zoom all the way out to continue navigating the synth.

Here’s the spin from near the librarian’s desk:

And here’s the walk from the south end of the fiction stacks through the main room into the Children’s Room (yes, we are a SMALL library):


One thought on “Photosynth: Okay, now this is FUN

  1. Michael Sauers

    I’m glad you had so much fun with this one. I enjoyed making the ones I did for the Thing that I keep looking for a way to actually use them in real life. One day, I’ll find a use.



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