New Tech 2013

I had a lot of fun reading about the Tech successes and failures of the last year. A lot of them are intriguing and may be very important in the not-too-distant future, especially in medicine. So thanks to Michael for posting this as a possible “thing.”

My favorite: possible memory implants for long-term memory loss. Of course this intrigues me as I’m pushing 70 with a shorter and shorter stick. (WHY did I just now go into the kitchen?)

I also like the idea of ultra-efficient solar power and super power grids — and temporary social media. And I would go for a Nokia Lumia 1020 or similar smart phone with super photo capabilities — given the cash to buy it.

Not so positive, perhaps, are the 3D printer options which are sure to put more and more folks out of work and make it easier for bad guys to smuggle plastic guns onto planes. Oh, well, I don’t fly anywhere anyway. And I’m not about to try out a mobile communication electronic skin tattoo.

I’m not blogging about a special new thing because neither I nor our little library have the cash to indulge in any of this new gadgetry, so I don’t know any more than the links Michael provided let me read. I’m hoping our library will get some new ‘kid sturdy’ tablets for our 3- to 6-year-old library kids soon, as the board promised, and maybe then I’ll be able to evaluate some newish tech.

Meanwhile, I still love my Kindle Fire and use it lots, for reading and some web searches and twitter and games and email and so on. It’s still going strong, so I won’t be upgrading soon.


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