KUDOS for Chris RIppel’s EXCEL Shelf Shuffler

“NCompass Live Tech Talk with Michael Sauers Excel at Rearranging Your Library” is available on YouTube — I HIGHLY recommend the video and the EXCEL workbook Chris Rippel created and explains how to use in the video.

We are in the process of giving the library a big facelift. I found this video at EXACTLY the right time. I also downloaded the recommended EXCEL Shelf Shuffler workbook and used it to make a scale drawing of our main floor and all our furniture, and I followed Chris Rippel’s basic principles of setting up the library for the right flow.

The result is WONDERFUL. We not only have new carpet and newly painted children’s & young readers’ rooms; we also have a ‘power path’ which will draw patrons into & through the library in a very pleasant way. Our large shelves now are well lit (they weren’t before). Everything feels more open. We are adding good SIGNS, too.

Our tiny library will feel more like a ‘real’ library when we’ve everything back in place for our grand reopening Jan. 14. HURRAH! And thanks to Michael Sauers and Chris Rippel. GREAT VIDEO.


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