Gee, ANOTHER internet time-waster: Bitstrips

This month’s challenge from Nebraska Learns 2.0 is to try out Bitstrips and post something from it on Facebook and/or Twitter.

I was pleased to find a Bitstrips ap for Kindle, especially since the reviews have been good. It worked well — up to a point. I had no trouble designing my avatar — but the Kindle ap so far won’t let me make a status picture or card or anything else.

Back at the computer, I logged onto Facebook to see how things worked from there. Sure enough, Bitstrips had registered itself on our Facebook account, and i was able to make a status card. Problems surfaced, however, when I wanted to post the image. Posting to Facebook was allowed, but not to Twitter.

Now, I probably could fix this by diddling with the Facebook settings, but I really don’t want to waste my time doing that. I’m an old fuddy-duddy who HATES Facebook. I like my social life in person and my online time as short as possible so I can get back to my social life and books and critters and crafts and, yes, even my computer work, which I do 99% of OFFline (including these posts). We (my husband and I) use OUR Facebook account to see photos our kids and grandkids email or phone us about so that we bother to go see them. And sometimes we post on Facebook via Twitter (which we use for political rants only). But we do not go online to see what’s on Facebook unless explicitly asked to do so.

I did post the status block to Twitter, but not from Bitstrips. I copied the image to my computer, edited it to make it bigger (the png was too small), and copied it into a Tweet. You probably can find the tweet with a google search. You also can see the image here. The text says “It’s a bit disconcerting when a cartoon avatar actually looks better than you do.”


You can’t see the image on Facebook, even though it is there, because our privacy settings are so high. The Facebook account is open for viewing only by accepted friends, who are only our kids and grandkids and a very few others. Yep, we really are fuddy-duddies.

Bitstrips probably will be good for our new Teen Advisory Group to use to help publicize the library to other Teens and throughout the Village, along with the short flics I hope they will make and post on Instagram and Youtube. So I’m glad I know about it. But I’m personally going to spend my time other ways — offline as much as possible.


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