Thing #73: Graphic Design with Image Generators is a hoot.

These silly little programs are right up my alley. I flunked cut and paste in kindergarden; my painting only decorates (inappropriately) my clothes and body parts and never makes sense on the target canvas; but I CAN DO THIS! Whoopee!

I love the fake newspaper article — complete with old-fashioned rivers of white space, you can tell it was desktop-published pre PageMaker (or with Publisher) — but it was a fun way to report on the silliness of Halloween library shenanigans. I also liked using the recipt maker for the “what is your library worth” sort of receipt — and the license plate generator for the Nebraska plate ‘READ.’ You can see these 3 as posts on the library’s website at http:/ .

Even better: the magazine cover page. I’m not sure yet what I’ll do with it, but I’m thinking of an Architectural Digest or something equally upper-crust to announce the library’s closing/reopening/open house on the occasion of the new carpet installation (coming soon).

Then there’s the dog morphed with the owner’s face. I WILL think of something to use it for — but WHICH of the Board members should it feature? Or maybe a collage of all 5?…….


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