Taking Polls for the Library

I like all three of the free poll sites, and they all are easy to use, though I can’t get any of them to embed in the Val website at http:/libraries.ne.gov/valparaiso — but I have little confidence that they will get me the information I want because so many of our patrons don’t use the internet and few of those ever go to the website. They would rather stop by the library or phone us. This may change when our Facebook page is up. We’ll see.

The Straw Poll will work great if I  have a simple question with few possible answers. I doubt I will use it much.

PoLLCode I like better, simply because it allows more possible answers. The instant preview and posting links are nice, too. Once our Facebook page is up, we might use this one.

OtherwiseI think I like Easypolls best, probably just because of the way it looks.  A screenshot of that poll is at the bottom of this post.

I posted links to all three polls on the library website at http://libraries.ne.gov/valparaiso/?p=841



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