Hello world! About Google+

Okay, I’ve read Michael’s how-to (which is wonderful, as usual) and signed up, created a profile, uploaded a couple of photos, added people to 3 circles, and now am here “reacting” to Google+.  This is mostly a repeat of the Google+ post. You can find my profile on Google by searching for Maria Cadwallader. My picture shows me looking younger and thinner,  also with the top of my head cut off, chin propped on arm and elbow on knee. Sufficiently wierd for its own kind of truthfulness.

I like Google+ better than Facebook because it doesn’t have to address the entire world, and I’m not really into the kind of sharing that folks do on the web these days. I also like it better because I can turn OFF most of the stuff that streams in. I think I will put the friends that communicate the most into their own group to make them easier to ignore. So you can see this isn’t really my cup of tea.

Basically, I have too many other things that I enjoy doing a lot better than being online doing anything at all. I work too much on the computer to see it as fun — useful, yes, but time-consuming enough without adding social media. I do my social life in person and have a lot of it — it’s GARDENING and HORSE time I crave.

If I’m going to do anything with this at all, having learned how, it will be to share info and photos specifically with family members and perhaps a very few select friends. I WOULD like to include the librarians who are part of Learn 2.0 in this specific group — if you aren’t one of them, please let me know, and I’ll move you to a different group. If you know of people you can tell me to hunt for, let me know that, too, please.

So, how do I find/add NE librarians who are part of Learn 2.0?

Eventually I may re-size the uploaded photos so the heads aren’t cut off.

Maria Cadwallader, Director, Valparaiso Public Library (MariaCfromVal)


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